Interni Film


BOPP Coex, low seal, is a grade of BOPP Coex which is sealable at lower temperature.

BOPP Coex, low seal, is suited for the packaging at high speed of various products, thus increasing the production capacity.

Thicknesses in stock: 20 – 25 – 30my.

BOPP Coex, low seal, has a triple layer structure:

  • The outer layer is sealable starting at 105°C and treated for printing.
  • The intermediate layer is the substantial layer composed of polypropylene.
  • The inner layer is sealable starting at 80°C.

BOPP Coex, low seal, exhibits a good water vapour barrier.

BOPP Coex, low seal, can cope with any high fill packaging speed on horizontal (HFFS) packaging machines.

Excellent service in flexible packaging