Interni Film


Interni Film is currently the leading slitting-rewinding operation for BOPP films in Belgium. We can rely on film converting experience since 1993. Interni Film operates 4 slitter-rewinders with the newest technology, each with a web width of 1.600mm.

We are focusing on slitting-rewinding of our self sourced films (BOPP, CPP, PET and laminates), but are pleased to handle as contractor films supplied by our customers. We can rewind reels with existing web irregularities, both blank and printed film.

Technical Details:

  • Minimum width finished reels: 50mm.
  • Maximum width finished reels: 1.600mm.
  • Maximum diameter finished reels: 800mm.
  • Inner core diameter: 76 & 152mm.

Excellent service in flexible packaging