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Interni Film stands for excellent service in flexible packaging.

Interni Film handles various flexible packaging films including BOPP, CPP and PET. We operate bespoke slitting and rewinding of the selected films and provide optional laser or hot needle perforation, flexo printing and lamination. Our permanent inventory of 800 up to 1000 tons high quality reelstock in various film grades and thicknesses enables us to deliver at short notice.

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Interni Film has become the leading slitting operation of BOPP film in Belgium. Our four slitter-rewinders are benefiting from the newest technology.

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Laser Perforation

Interni Film offers perforation with a precise pinhole size and pattern along the converting process. Laser perforating creates breathable features that improve shelf life of vegetables and fruits.

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Hot Needle Perforation

A joint project with a retailer has resulted in a new type of hot needle perforation which provides tear-resistant film.

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Flexo Printing

Interni Film offers flexo printing services. We supply the film to our qualified production partners and operate subsequent slitting and rewinding in our facilities.

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